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Is Magnesium citrate anhydrous better than Magnesium citrate nonahydrate

September 21, 2018

Latest company news about Is Magnesium citrate anhydrous better than Magnesium citrate nonahydrate

Suqian Runmag Biological Nutritions Co., Ltd. Manufacture and wholesale Magnesium citrate E345 is a magnesium preparation in salt form with citric acid in a 3:2 ratio trimagnesium citrate.Trimagnesium citrate is mainly used as mineral source in food supplements, nutritional foods, and pharmaceutical preparations. Comparable to other magnesium salts, it shows a laxative effect at higher dosage levels.

There are Magnesium citrate anhydrous ans Magnesium citrate nonahydrate.Are they the same?

No,nonahydrate contains nine water molecule for each Magnesium ions.Anhydrous means “no water”, so it has a different color and crystal structure.


Trimagnesium citrate anhydrous is available for direct compression of tablets. Being an excellent desiccant, it is commonly used to stabilise dry blends and to protect water sensitive ingredients.

Magnesium citrates are organic mineral sources and are preferred in many applications to inorganic sources because of their superior bioavailability and physiological compatibility.


Trimagnesium citrate anhydrous has the highest magnesium content (16 %) among the organic magnesium sources commonly used, the magnesium content of the nonahydrate is 12 %.


Generally, nonahydrate of trimagnesium citrates are less soluble than the anhydrous type.

Cas: anhydrous 3344-18-1; nonahydrate 153531-96-5

Bulk density:0.8-0.9g/ml

EINECS: 222-093-9

HS Code:2918150000

Heavy metals:10 PPM max

Arsenic (As): 1PPM max

Lead:1PPM max

Cadmium:1PPM max

Mercury: 0.1PPM max


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